User's Guide



How to use

  1. When you sign up TocPlus, TocPlus will issue a code for you.
  2. Put the code into <BODY> in your html documents.
  3. Now you can talk with your customer who is on-line in the TocPlus Messenger page.


Live Help Page

Live Help page is made up as shown below:

If you can't see your visitor even when you get in the Live Help page after installing TocPlus properly, please check this:

  1. Open the html document you want to put live help into.
  2. Generate TocPlus code with tag generator and put it into <BODY> tag.
  3. Upload modified html document to your website.
  4. Visit your website. If you see the TocPlus chat window in your website, everything is under control.
  5. When a visitor enters, you can notice him in the Live Help Page.
  6. Click visitor’s URL, then you can talk with your visitor.

In case of not showing a chat window

Check up on the followings.

Blocking off malicious users

When malicious users disturb you, you can block him out in the Live Help page.

Inserting images in the background of a chat window

You can put some images into the background of chat window by using tag generator.

Customizing visitors’ nicknames

You can specify visitors’ names in the advanced options of the tag generator.

When the script of TocPlus is interlocked with that of your own website, you can set your sign-in ID and name for the nickname in TocPlus. This way is various by the website structure how to operate.

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